👋 Welcome to NHSDLC BP Championship 2023 [12.23 - 12.24]

Open Finals Result
FBS: OW - Ted (Unanimous)
Champs: MUST B (CO) (Unanimous)
Runner Up: BOM (CG) (4-1 split)

Junior Finals
FBS: OW (Harrel Jordan Santoso) 3-2 split
Champion: CO (MH Slay) 3-2 split
Runner-up: OO (break or break down) 4-1 split

Senior Finals
FBS: MG Alice Li (4-1)
Champion: Debate is Overrated (CG)
Runner-up: (O)ne more grassless weekend (OG)

Novice Finals
FBS: Quinnesha Vallenza Saritan (Member of Opposition)
Champion: Nicole & Quinn (Closing Opposition)
Runner-up: HZ (Opening Government)